Manual authorization processes are confusing and time-consuming. Automation eases the pain for patients and providers.

Passport Authorizations automates the prior authorization inquiry and submission workflow. So it takes less time—and far fewer phone calls, emails and faxes to and from payers and referring facilities—to process authorizations. You not only reduce manual workload, you prevent denials, speed reimbursement, and achieve better financial performance.

Make your operations more efficient

With Passport Authorizations, inquiries take place without user intervention, as does status monitoring. Submissions guide staff through the workflow, auto-filling all information Experian Health has received and prompting users only if their involvement is required.

Access the industry’s most complete payer database

Experian Health's Preauthorization Knowledgebase stores and dynamically updates payer prior authorization requirements. Your staff can check whether prior authorization is required for a particular procedure or service, and the Knowledgebase automatically responds to queries with information needed.

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Multi-specialty, academic, non-profit healthcare delivery system in the southeast increases productivity and improves resource efficiency

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