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Poor data quality and a lack of understanding around data creates huge challenges in healthcare, and the highest priority initiatives that hospitals have are data-driven. If data quality hasn’t been at the top of your list when acquiring new hospitals, creating analytics dashboards, engaging patients and performing disease research, it could lead to downstream consequences. 

Enter Experian PandoraTM

Experian Pandora is a data quality management platform that empowers organizations to analyze, improve and control their data. Experian Pandora can ingest one or many data sources, index every attribute, and cleanse the data, meaning we identify “outliers,” which can be anything such as:

  • Non-existent dates, i.e. February 30, September 31
  • Fields that don’t match the expected criteria, i.e. Social Security number entered where a name is expected
  • Figures outside of a specified range, such as an expected range of 1-100, we can identify entries outside of this range like anything greater than 100 or negative numbers
Simplify data quality management

Even if you already have a data hygiene process in place, Experian Pandora can help. It can take healthcare data from multiple sources, and with its easy-to-use interface and robust profiling capabilities, enable users to quickly identify data anomalies before they cause problems. It’s easy to integrate and intuitive and effortless for both business and technical users, yielding accurate, complete and trusted data for any project.

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From data analysis, and profiling to correction and monitoring, Experian Pandora can help take your data management to the next level. Click the Contact Us button on the right to get started.

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Tony Murdoch, Experian Data Quality