Study ranks cities with the highest credit scores

In Experian’s recent State of Credit study which analyzes credit scores in more than 100 cities, Minneapolis took the number one spot, with an average VantageScore® of 787. The Midwest dominated the top 10 spots in the rankings and Wisconsin consumers continue to demonstrate their credit savvy, with four of the state’s metropolitan areas making the top 10 list for the second year in a row.

Top 10 highest average credit scores by city
VantageScore rank City State Average VantageScore
1 Minneapolis MN 787
2 Madison WI 786
3 Wausau WI 785
4 Sioux Falls SD 784
5 Cedar Rapids IA 783
6 San Francisco CA 783
7 Green Bay WI 781
8 La Crosse WI 779
9 Boston MA 778
10 Duluth MN 777

View an interactive map and read the complete results of the State of Credit 2012 study.

Source: Experian’s State of Credit 2012 study

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