Employee Benefits

Promote peace of mind and productivity by providing valuable financial wellness features, identity, device, and data protection.



Getting the most out of life's biggest moments takes work

A happy employee is a healthier and more productive member of your workforce. Offer your team a modern financial wellness platform with over 50 features to help them fast-track their goals.


Financially distracted employees can have a costly impact on business


of identity theft victims reported that the incident led to problems with their employer¹


of U.S. employees say financial stress harms their work and personal life²


of HR leaders are worried that employees’ financial issues outside of the office affect their productivity³

The Challenge


Financial stress reportedly cost companies more than $40 billion in lost productivity in 2022⁴. Employees facing financial strain tend to lack motivation, skip work, or quit.

The Solution


Help safeguard your business from costs associated with financially distracted workers with Experian® My Financial Expert®, a flexible employee benefits platform with over 50 powerful financial wellness features, including identity, device, and data protection.

Experian® My Financial Expert®

A modern financial wellness platform to help employees prepare for life’s biggest moments.

Credit monitoring user interface

Credit Education & Financial Management

Innovative financial tools, alerts, and insights empower employees to set goals, make actionable plans, and track their progress

Identity Monitoring user interface

Identity Protection & Restoration

Responsive features monitor personal information, send potential fraud alerts, and provide resolution services to recover faster

Device and data protection user interface

Device & Data Protection

Proactive digital privacy tools help keep passwords and other personal information private and secure while browsing the internet

Achieve better business outcomes with innovative features

Acquire top talent and drive employee engagement and retention with a differentiated benefits program.

Identity Restoration

Help your team members get back on track with support from an expert restoration agent that will walk them through the process of reclaiming what’s rightfully theirs.

Dark Web Monitoring

If we detect any threats on the thousands of websites and millions of data points we scan, employees get alerts so they can help keep their family’s personal information safe.

Experian® CreditLock

Give employees the ability to block fraudsters from using their information and empower them to help prevent identity theft. They can unlock it when they want to apply for credit.

Data Broker Removal

Enable your employees to automatically reclaim exposed personal information from dangerous people finder sites to reduce their risk of identity theft and potential fraud.

Secure VPN

Give employees a way to help prevent people and companies from seeing and collecting their data.

Password Manager

Provide a way for employees to safely store and protect their logins and payment information in one place.

Safe Browser

Help your employees avoid unsafe websites, block ads, and prevent tracking of their data.

Authorization Alerts

Empower employees to take action against identity theft with real-time notifications when someone uses their personal information to apply for new credit.

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Employees know & trust Experian

Our leadership is global with unmatched reach and scale.

Business & consumer awareness

Experian has served over 1 billion consumers. Our partners include 4 of 5 top financial institutions, 3 of 5 top insurance providers, and 4 of 10 top healthcare systems.

#1 in consumer data protection

Confidence in data protection from Experian exceeds its major competitors.5

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