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What is a Replay Attack?

Session Replay Attacks are network-based security hacks that delay, replay, or repeat the valid transmission of data between a genuine user and a site. Hackers are able to perform these attacks by following an easy three step process. First, they eavesdrop on secure network communication streams to gain insight into the types of activity taking place. Next, they intercept legitimate user information including log-in credentials, user activity, computer and browser specs, and passwords. Finally, the hacker fraudulently “replays” or resends the information gathered to misdirect the receiver and fool them into believing the hacker is in fact a genuine user.

Prevent Replay Attacks

When Replay Attacks are successful they allow fraudsters to impersonate genuine customers and perform account takeover maneuvers. This lapse in security can cause friction with existing customers, as 70% of US consumers rated Security a top priority (over Personalization and Convenience) when surveyed for the 2018 Experian Global Fraud Report.

Looking for a robust fraud solution? Leverage our highly trained fraud analysts to uncover suspicious events that might otherwise go unnoticed and detect Replay Attacks fast.

Device Intelligence

Leverage intelligence about the device used to link sophisticated ring activity, even when fraudsters are using completely authentic, but stolen information.

Time Stamping

Prevent fraudsters from sending delayed messages with legitimate information by forcing a timestamp on all messages sent and received.

Geo Location Review

Identify suspicious language and time zone settings and compare access routes to ensure customers are authentic and secure.

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