Putting social purpose at our core

At Experian, we believe sustainability is fundamental to creating a better tomorrow. That means working with integrity, valuing our people, investing in our communities and unlocking the power of data to benefit everyone. Through our people, products, profit and resources, we uphold the highest ethical standards while putting people and our planet at the heart of everything we do.

International Women's Week DEI Group posing together at Experian's Costa Mesa Office

People and sustainability come first

What matters most to us is the people in our community and the environment we live in, so we pour our resources into both and invest in them at every opportunity. Whether it's about inclusivity, helping those in difficult situations or trying to increase sustainability, we're willing to do what it takes to create a better tomorrow.

DEI volunteer doing community service

Working for financial health and inclusion

Our sights are set on making a difference in society.  The main focus for us is improving financial health and inclusion. Financial health can enable access to credit, which opens the door to life-changing opportunities – like homes, healthcare, education and entrepreneurship.

It’s our mission to facilitate access to fair and affordable credit, creating new opportunities for people and businesses alike.

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