Code of Business Conduct

Experian values its professional relationships with its suppliers and is committed to conducting business with companies that value corporate responsibility and ethical business practices. As a result, Experian anticipates that all suppliers will honor and continue to adhere to Experian's Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers set out below.

 Your responsibilities: 

• Protect all Experian property and information;

• Avoid conflicts of interest in all business dealings;

• Maintain complete and accurate records of all business transactions;

• Maintain an environment free of harassment

• Refrain from employing any person below the age of 14 or 15 (depending on the country) or below the legal minimum age (where this is higher) in countries in which you operate;

• Refrain from the use of forced labor in any form (prison, indentured, bonded or otherwise) and staff are not required to lodge papers or deposits on starting work;

• Identify all the hazardous or toxic waste you produce and dispose of such waste using competent bodies via authorized disposal routes in accordance with applicable laws;

• Not engage in or support the use of corporal punishment or mental, physical, sexual or verbal abuse against any employee;

• Provide each employee with at least the minimum wage or the prevailing industry wage (whichever is higher) and all legally mandated benefits;

• Comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the regions in which you operate including, without limitation: (i) anti-corruption, anti-bribery or similar laws(ii) laws on working hours; and (iii) environmental, safety and health legislations laws (including agreeing to provide a safe and healthy workplace and presenting no immediate hazards to your staff);

• Refrain from discriminating against any worker on any grounds (including race, religion, disability or gender);

• Refrain from, and cause your employees, agents, subcontractors, if any, who perform services for Experian to refrain from, paying or receiving any improper brides, facilitation payments, gratuities or kickbacks;

• Support the rights of works to form or join trade unions that are free to meet without hindrance; and

• Protect Experian's reputation.