Global data breach services

Mitigate data breach losses through preparation and an efficient response plan

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Efficient data breach response services

We have the expert support you need to help protect your employees, clients and customers if you’re impacted by a data breach incident.

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Protect employees and customers

Our solution provides notifications, an enhanced call center, identity protection and identity restoration.

How we can help

Our suite of global data breach services provides you with the resources and expertise you need to be breach-response ready.

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Proactive Breach Services through Experian Reserved Response™

Provides guaranteed SLAs, on-site simulations and custom drills to help businesses prepare for a potential data breach.

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Experian® Data Breach Resolution

Impacted by a data breach? We offer solutions that help you respond quickly, this includes Notifications, FAQ Call Center, comprehensive Identity Protection and Fraud Resolution.



Experian 2023 Data Breach Industry Forecast

The Forecast is a road map into the future. Literally. See what to expect by 2023 and 2033.

Impacted by a breach or want to prepare an efficient response plan in case a breach occurs?

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