Is your front door locked against fraud?

February 27, 2015 by Matt Tatham

Reputational impact of fraud

It’s all over the news. Hackers are compromising personal information and using that to access customer accounts. It’s critical that organizations have technology in place to distinguish valid customers from fraudsters as quickly as possible. The impact of fraud on the customer relationship requires more elaborate and accurate fraud prevention.

Customers have a legitimate expectation that the institutions with which they do business will safeguard their identities, accounts and sensitive data. When fraud or a data breach occurs, that trust can be broken. All the work an institution has done to build its brand image can be damaged suddenly.

With the right controls in place, even when customer information is compromised organizations can easily tell the difference between good customers and fraudsters. Listen to what Matt Lane, Experian’s 41st Parameter vice president of customer management, says about the reputational impact of fraud theft on an organization:

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