Introducing New Enhancements to Experian Ascend Technology Platform™

Published: May 22, 2024 by Julie Lee

Experian’s award-winning platform now brings together market-leading data, generative AI and cutting-edge machine learning solutions for analytics, credit decisioning and fraud into a single interface — simplifying the deployment of analytical models and enabling businesses to optimize their practices.

The platform updates represent a notable milestone, fueled by Experian’s significant investments in innovation over the last eight years as part of its modern cloud transformation.

“The evolution of our platform reaffirms our commitment to drive innovation and empower businesses to thrive. Its capabilities are unmatched and represent a significant leap forward in lending technology, democratizing access to data in compliant ways while enabling lenders of all sizes to seamlessly validate their customers’ identities with confidence, help expand fair access to credit and offer awesome user and customer experiences,” said Alex Lintner CEO Experian Software Solutions.

The enhanced Experian Ascend Technology Platform dramatically reduces time to install and offers streamlined access to many of Experian’s award-winning integrated solutions and tools through a single sign-on and a user-friendly dashboard.

Leveraging generative AI, the platform makes it easy for organizations of varying sizes and experience levels to pivot between applications, automate processes, modernize operations and drive efficiency. In addition, existing clients can easily add new capabilities through the platform to enhance business outcomes.

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