Experian Affinity

Lost Wallet Protection

Build Brand Equity by Protecting Customer Information

Your customers entrust you with far more than their business. They also invest their trust in your organization as a partner who helps simplify their lives. When a wallet is lost or stolen, consumers want quick reliable help in navigating the recovery process. Experian® Affinity will be there for you and your customers when they need you the most.

Lost Wallet Protection allows your organization to provide a unique, value-add product that can help increase your bottom line and customer loyalty.


Your Customers’ Most Valuable Data in a Single, Secure Location

An easy-to-use online portal, Lost Wallet Protection allows users to securely store all the crucial information they carry in their wallets and purses every day, including debit and credit cards, and medical identification cards. Lost Wallet Protection offers pre-registration of customer’s credit cards. If customers’ wallets and information are ever lost or stolen, our U.S.-based, award-winning Fraud Resolution Agents will help them through the recovery process.

Partnering with Experian Agents ensures that your customers will enjoy the full power and expertise of one of the world’s largest, most respected financial services and consumer services companies.

Our Fraud Resolution Agents Will:

Assist your customers with canceling or replacing cards
    Notify banks, creditors and service providers of the loss
    Coordinate with applicable government agencies
    Support customers globally, no matter where in the world they are when the loss occurs
    Provide easily customizable letters that consumers can personalize, sign and send to creditors and other organizations
    Place fraud alerts on consumer credit accounts and freeze credit files (where applicable)

Experience the Experian® Affinity Difference

Partnering with Experian® Affinity enhances the value of the services you provide to your customers. And you’ll create brand-building loyalty among customers who will appreciate that you’ve given them more for their money.