Securing Patient Information and Building Trust in an Era of Digital Healthcare

Infographic: The Healthcare Fraudscape

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Precise ID® with Digital Risk Score

Secure Healthcare Portals Without Impacting The Patient Experience

The Health information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) sparked an information technology transformation of unparalleled scope across the U.S. healthcare ecosystem. Healthcare organizations are migrating personal health information to online portals, making patient information more accessible than ever before.

While these portals are improving patient engagement and offering greater efficiency, they are also bringing increased security and privacy risks. To comply with HIPAA and protect patients, healthcare organizations must tighten security policies, however security and convenience are often at odds, and the portal login process often becomes complicated and inconveniences the patient experience.

Experian Health can help you confidently authenticate patients and reduce risk during enrollment and ongoing portal access in a streamlined manner without burdening patients with long wait times or complex processes. Precise ID® with Digital Risk Score delivers a multi-layered portal security approach through a single platform that protects your patients and your reputation. 

You don't have to choose. We balance it all.



Protect Patients in Real-Time, With Speed and Accuracy

Precise ID with Digital Risk Score leverages risk based strategies that are flexible and configurable to support your security, compliance, and fraud policies.

Custom rules leveraging the most robust databases available including:

  • Credit data
  • Noncredit data
  • Device from foreign geography
  • Device inconsistencies
  • Scores
  • National Fraud Database

Unparalleled, patented algorithms and analysis of numerous data sources result in rapid response in less than 1 second.

Alerts triggering systems and notifying staff when fraud is detected and action is required.

Omni-channel protection offering patients convenience and protection whenever and however they want to access their portal information.

  • In-person
  • Online
  • Mobile (cell phone, tablets)

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