The Growing Need to Protect Medical Identities

  • Medical identity theft is the fastest growing type of identity theft at 22% annually
  • 64% of patients cited privacy issues as a key concern for accessing health information online
  • 21% of patients withhold information from doctors out of concern of data security
  • Criminal attacks are the number one cause of healthcare breaches
  • Medical identity theft victims pay an average of $13,500 to resolve the theft
Multi-Layered Identity Verification for Healthcare Portals

Precise ID® with Digital Risk Score enables healthcare organizations to verify patient identities during enrollment and every portal access request thereafter. Our solution provides multi-layer identity verification by evaluating risk through identity and device intelligence, in a single platform and in less than one second. It provides continuous medical identity protection without burdening patients with lengthy enrollment processes.

Protect Medical Identities and Build Patient Trust

Precise ID with Digital Risk Score ensures the right patients are given access to sensitive health information, allowing healthcare organization to reassure patients that their medical identities are protected and build a trusting relationship.



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Securing Patient Information and Building Trust in an Era of Digital Healthcare

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