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Patient Financial Clearance

Thoroughly Assess and Assign Each Patient to the Appropriate Financial Pathway

Self-pay patients and insured patients with high deductible health plans and/or health savings accounts can present a collections challenge for healthcare providers. Providers need to easily determine which patients potentially qualify for financial assistance and which have the propensity and likelihood to pay prior to treatment.

Experian Health’s Patient Financial Clearance solution can help healthcare organizations confidently determine an appropriate financial pathway for every patient in real-time.

Increase Point-of-Service Collections and Reduce Bad Debt
  • Automates the screening process prior to service or at the point of service, to determine if patients qualify for Medicaid, charity or any assistance program, while auto-enrolling eligible patients
  • Evaluates payment risk to determine the most appropriate collection policy
  • Reduces overall accounts receivable days by identifying and focusing on patients most likely to pay
Provide Meaningful, Supportive Financial Counseling to Patients
  • Helps initiate and guide financial counseling discussions
  • Auto-enrolls qualified patients into assistance programs
  • Provides patient advocates with the up-to-date information to connect patients to appropriate assistance programs
  • Develops an optimal payment plan based on the patient’s unique financial situation

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