The payment experience for each patient should be as unique as the care they receive

Just as you don’t provide identical medical treatment to every patient, processing all patient accounts the same way doesn’t make sense: Each patient is different. Using comprehensive data and advanced analytics, our Patient Financial Clearance solution makes the payment process a positive one by assessing and assigning each patient to the appropriate financial pathway based on their unique financial situation.

Better screen patients to increase collections

With Patient Financial Clearance, your staff accesses the most accurate financial data to screen patients for Medicaid, charity or other assistance programs. Our solution can be used prior to service or at the point of service, and can also evaluate payment risk to determine the most appropriate collection policy. The result: More revenue collected and less bad debt.

Provide empathetic, supportive financial counseling

Armed with accurate information, your staff connects patients to the assistance programs they qualify for, and even auto-enrolls them. Patient Financial Clearance also includes the ability to set up customized payment plans based on each patient’s ability to pay.

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Guide your patients in the financial direction that works best for them—in real time. Click Contact Us on the right to learn more about how you can begin providing the financial clearance services that help you help your patients, and collect confidently.

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