The challenge for ACOs, ESCOs and health plans is not knowing when a member has been admitted, discharged or arrived in an emergency room

More than 60 organizations nationwide are in the know. They’re receiving immediate notification of their member’s high-cost clinical episodes—whenever and wherever they occur—via Experian Health’s MemberMatch. By alerting care managers to a member’s admission, discharge, or emergency room visit in real-time, active care management can begin within seconds.

Receive real-time notifications

MemberMatch matches admission and discharge data passing through the Passport clearinghouse from nearly 3,000 hospitals with client Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Seamless Care Organizations (ESCOs) and health plans. When a match is made, Experian Health puts out an alert (email or text) to care managers sharing key data that enhances episode management.

Optimize member outcomes

Real-time notification of member activity facilitates management of care. Members are less likely to end up in more expensive clinical settings, for longer durations, and/or incur high readmission rates. MemberMatch provides the timely information that improves the odds for optimal outcomes.

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Twenty percent to 30% of ACO, ESCO and health plan members are admitted each year. Knowing who they are, when and where they are, in real time, allows for better episode management. Click the Contact Us button at the right to find out more.

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