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Marketswitch Optimization® is patented mathematical decision software that enables you to design the best strategies across your organization to solve any complex business problem, with proven effectiveness to meet organizational objectives and deliver quantifiable return on investment.

The mathematical algorithm can handle the most complicated business issues with ease, while considering all possible actions at the individual consumer level.

Marketswitch Optimization provides true customer level decisioning without simplification of the business problem, empowering your organization to make data derived strategy decisions instead of using trial and error or standard segmentation and scoring methods.

With easily integration to your existing decision engine software and customer relationship management applications, Marketswitch Optimization providing significant improvements to your usual business techniques, while enabling your internal resources to focus on more strategic issues.

Additional benefits:

  • Our consultative approach improves optimization effectiveness by providing on-going software support
  • Easily adapted to support business needs and requirements – today and in the future
  • User friendly graphical user interface (GUI) - designed for the business analyst
  • Easily integrates with business rules engines, marketing and customer relationship management applications
  • Fully scalable across large data sets -  tens of millions of records
  • Quickly and objectively evaluate the financial impact of different business strategies to improve decision-making
  • Flexibility to handle multiple, user-defined goals & business constraints – and change them on the fly
  • Varied implementation options available to meet organizational IT constraints
  • Mature software application with proven effectiveness

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