Marketswitch Optimization is a mathematical decisioning software solution that enables customers to design the best strategies across the organization to solve complex business problems and meet organizational objectives. Automatically evaluates competing business goals, contact protocols, operational constraints, and individual customer needs and preferences and calculates the impact of every possible decision, leaving you with the best combination of actions to take.



Group customers based on similar traits and create macro segment data profiles



Create broad segments to determine good or bad odds based on customer behavior



Automatically evaluate the financial impact of different business strategies

Marketswitch Optimization can help you:


  • Optimize decisions across the Customer Life Cycle and easily identify the right consumers while considering multiple product offers, communication channels and account profitability to achieve the highest possible return on investment
  • Prioritize across competing, often conflicting, business goals and objectives
  • Maximize the benefit of existing data analytics, i.e. models, attributes, customer relationship data, or any other business metrics
  • Confident assessment of implementation of new constraints (contact rules, regulations, etc)
  • Drive enhanced lending decisions by identifying precise decisions for each unique customer while balancing risk, loss exposure, and operating costs
  • Integrates into existing strategy automation solutions: business rules management applications, CRM systems, and call centers

Business workflow:



Product features

Embedded data exploration, visualization, multi-goal and customer analysis and segmentation of optimization inputs and results

Use up to the minute data, including live session data and predictive analytics to drive optimal decisions. Once in production, individual decisions can be requested and returned in real-time

Operate without the need for manual business users’ interaction in key tasks for preparing, running and rolling out optimization scenarios

Highly available and fault tolerant with data replication and backup that can be managed for high reliability

An intuitive and easy to use graphical interface designed for business analysts that includes all steps from data analysis through scenario deployment

Includes advanced sampling technique that generates statistically representative subsets. Highly scalable including big data scenarios with a considerable number of decisions and constraints


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