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Success in today's financial services industry is becoming more and more dependent on getting it right at every stage of the customer relationship. Strategies and actions have to be coordinated and kept in balance with a dynamic marketplace and increasingly complicated technology. To compete successfully, you need a continuous infusion of new skills, ideas, concepts and strategies.

Experian is your solution — the best source of interactive, hands-on education for credit and marketing professionals. Thousands have relied on our knowledge and expertise to refine their skills and learn how to succeed in today's complex business environment. The hallmark of our educational program is a commitment to expert instruction, successful learning, personal attention and a solid curriculum.

Join us at our educational events this year and put Experian's knowledge and expertise to work for you.

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We provide free online educational webinars for marketing and credit specialists. Registration is required. We will email confirmation of your registration. Webinars are added periodically and we will post them here.


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