Experian Consumer Education Resources

"Ask Experian" Videos

Maxine Sweet, Vice President of Public Education for Experian, provides important information about credit reports, credit scores, fraud and identity theft, and many other topics in these short videos.

Virtual Seminars

Watch and listen to virtual seminars and recorded webinars on a variety of topics including personal credit reports, business credit reports and credit scores.

Sample Experian Credit Report

Understanding the information in a credit report is the first step in making it a valuable financial tool. This sample report illustrates what an Experian consumer credit report looks like and describes the various types of information a person might find in their personal report.

Ask Experian

Ask Experian, the credit reporting industry's first consumer credit advice column, answers the most common questions about credit reports and credit scores.

Corporate Responsibility

It is Experian's responsibility as a company to be aware of our societal responsibilities and to have a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. Experian's global Corporate Responsibility Report provides detailed information about what we are doing to ensure we behave in a socially responsible manner.

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