Knowledge is the key to financial success

Speaking to groups about credit reports and credit reporting can be a challenge. Experian has prepared these PowerPoint presentations to help you lead dynamic discussions. 

The slides include talk notes to ensure you have the details you need to share accurate information with your audiences. To view the talk notes, select "save" when asked if you want to open or save this file. When you open the presentation, select "notes page" under "view."

Managing your credit report

This presentation provides ten rules to help consumers manage their credit reports to ensure they can get credit when they need it. By following these simple tips, consumers can build and maintain their creditworthiness.

Business credit reports

This presentation discusses the fundamentals of business credit reports, how they are similar to personal credit reports and how the personal credit reports of small business owners may be considered when they apply for business credit.

Identity theft

This presentation provides some perspective on the prevalence of identity theft, discusses what consumers can do to protect themselves and what they should do if they become a victim. It also describes a number of things Experian is doing to protect consumers and businesses from being victimized.

Give me a little credit

A condensed version of the credit reporting basics presentation, this presentation describes credit reporting fundamentals but can be completed in under 30 minutes. The student version has been revised to suit a high-school audience. 

Sample Experian credit report

Understanding the information in a credit report is the first step in making it a valuable financial tool. This sample report illustrates what an Experian consumer credit report looks like and describes the various types of information a person might find in their personal report.

Ask Experian

Ask Experian, the credit reporting industry's first consumer credit advice column, answers the most common questions about credit reports and credit scores.

Corporate responsibility

It is Experian's responsibility as a company to be aware of our societal responsibilities and to have a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. Experian's global corporate responsibility report provides detailed information about what we are doing to ensure we behave in a socially responsible manner.