Government unclaimed property programs face many challenges throughout the unclaimed property lifecycle, including trying to locate property owners with outdated data and comply with changing regulations. Our unclaimed property solutions assist with owner and claimant verification and streamline processing.



Identity verification
Verify and update owner and claimant information.

Process solutions
Streamline unclaimed property processing.

Claims fast tracking
Automate unclaimed property administration tasks.

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What is a government unclaimed property?

Unclaimed property is any financial asset, usually intangible, being held for a person or entity that cannot be found. Every state in the U.S. has unclaimed property programs that actively and continuously find owners of lost and forgotten assets.


Batch processing


Handle and clean large volumes of data with batch processes.

Fraud prevention


Detect and prevent ID theft and data breaches with FraudNet.

Risk-based authentication


Learn best practices and concepts for identity proofing.

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