Know who you conduct business with by using a watch list screening solution

Safeguard and monitor with:

Watch list screening for unsanctioned entities

 A comprehensive compliance program

Compliance screening for reducing false positives


Customer scoring for onboarding and ongoing risk assessment

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) enforces economic sanctions against unsanctioned entities, like terrorist groups or narcotics traffickers, for all U.S. persons. Failure to comply with OFAC regulations can result in hefty penalties that can exceed several million dollars.

Organizations today must understand who they conduct business with in order to adhere to regulations. Utilizing watch list screening and profile matching solutions make following compliance easier. Let us help you adhere to compliance and regulation-related programs.



Measure and predict customer risk through proactive risk mitigation and assessment services.


Gain reliable insight into international customers to help reduce exposure to potential complications.


Verify and authenticate business identity to meet compliance requirements.

Make better business decisions. Contact us to learn how.

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