With the advent of newer and more adaptable communication technologies, remote transactions continue to increase. There is a need for more efficient ways to secure transactions and prove the identity of an individual on the other end of a remote channel.

Multifactor authentication uses a combination of elements to verify a consumer’s identity. It’s based on the premise that an unauthorized person is unlikely to be able to supply the same proof elements as the true consumer to prove his or her identity.

If one of the required components in an authentication transaction is missing or supplied incorrectly, the consumer’s identity is not established with sufficient certainty to allow the requested transaction to proceed. This prevents potential fraud.

How we help

Multifactor authentication service | One-time password (OTP)

Our multifactor authentication service uses a one-time password (what the user knows) delivered to the consumer’s mobile phone or landline (what the user has) via a verified phone number. Through the one-time password (OTP) authentication process, businesses and government agencies can strengthen their authentication process in high-risk transactions, adhere to regulations or secure high-value consumer transactions quickly — with little to no additional impact on the consumer.


Verify phone to consumer and attributes

Phone Intelligence Checks are conducted prior to sending a One-Time Password. We verify that the phone number provided by the consumer can be linked to that consumer. We also validate other phone attributes, such as porting, forwarding, account tenure and contract type. 

Delivery of OTP
SMS or Voice Message

Our SMS and Voice capabilities can authenticate a known user by sending an OTP to verified phone numbers from the input data via SMS or voice message.

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