Experian’s Identity Element Network can be used to identify linkages across our broad view of consumer actions to create scores and attributes to help you catch identity compromises faster and with more confidence. Experian’s attribute repository adds more than two million transactions per day, providing you up-to-date fraud threat information.



Know if your customer information is at risk before a fraud event



Enable portfolio identity risk management



Increase your approval rates by understanding identity relationships 

Identity Element Network can help you

Monitor changes in your portfolio and receive flagged identities with sudden increases in risk level

Improve real-time decisioning by including identity element network into existing authentication processes

Become more confident in your breach protection by being able to identify if an identity is part of a broader fraud network or a complex fraud occurrence

Increase your approval rates by leveraging a 90-day view into an identity’s relationships and narrowing the risk window

Bring intelligence to your loan application process and stop applications if associated with identity compromise risk

Improve your existing modeling processes with 282 additional identity attributes


Product features


  • Identity element network score that assesses the likelihood that a consumer’s identity has been compromised based on the velocity of identity element linkage over a period of time
  • Up to four concise descriptions accompany each score to explain the factors most prominently impacting the result, helping to facilitate reviews and reduce investigation times
  • Available in real time or batch, driving affordability and flexibility
  • Leveraging Experian inquiries, the repository is used to compile the risk score and 282 attributes highlighting elements of risk
  • Two million identity transaction records are added to the repository daily
  • Records are retained for 24 months to support a historical view of identities


Identity Element Network Product Sheet
Identify potential fraud linkages across the Experian network.



Identity element network product sheet cover


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