Get the most from your data integration projects

The best insights from your data come when you have access to a comprehensive view. One way to achieve a more comprehensive view is to migrate data into a single data warehouse using the extract, transform, load process. For many organizations, however, it may not be worth the full migration to a data warehouse, or data is updated too often, and a data integration solution is a better fit to provide the ability to run queries on data from across systems.

Our data integration solution allows you to gain insight into the information stored across your systems and doesn’t even require the user to build and run SQL queries. Designed for both business and technical users, the tool eases the process of pulling reports and understanding data from multiple different sources.

Benefits of our data integration tool

Analyze, improve, and control your data


Instantly identify relationships, profile, and pinpoint outliers from disparate systems.

  • Automatically detect data quality violations and determine how to resolve the issues
  • Monitor your information to gain actionable insight and inform key business decisions

Enhance access to business information


Provide business users easy access to information.

  • Remove barriers to information for non-technical users
  • Allow users to manipulate information while keeping source information secure

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Going through an ETL project?

Look no further. Our ETL solution ensures data integrations and data migrations run smoothly.

Extract, transform, load (ETL) projects are often part of greater data integration initiatives.

This means many moving parts must be considered to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

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