How address verification works

Our address validation software validates and standardizes addresses as well as appends ZIP + 4® data. This prompts users to correct incomplete address details, resolve spelling, and format errors in real time, while enhancing database records on demand. Address verification services are highly customizable and fit in within existing contact management systems to verify addresses across multiple platforms and at the point of capture.

Real-time address verification

  • Correct and automatically format incomplete addresses
  • Optionally insert full addresses into underlying applications
  • Format addresses to a consistent standard
  • Available for US and international addresses

Address cleansing

  • Identify and correct inaccurate or missing data
  • Ensure consistent formatting of addresses and fix any typos
  • Clean lists in real-time without interupting user experiences
  • Available for both international and US addresses

International address verification

  • Ensure the accuracy of international address information
  • Reduce errors caused by incorrectly entered customer data
  • Lower shipping costs and delivery mistakes by sending products and services to the correct customer

National change of address (NCOA) processing

  • Meet NCOA database requirements and qualify for Standard and First-Class Mail discounts
  • Search against 160+ million records to ensure accurate address information is captured
  • Employ USPS address correction to validate each name and address in your data file

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