Fraud and data breaches… or when good data is exploited for fraudulent gain

During last week’s live webinar, David Britton, online fraud industry expert and vice president, industry solutions at 41st Parameter said this:

Webinar production notes

“At 41st Parameter, we begin our days somewhat differently. We believe that the internet was never built for security in mind. We also assume that all user data has been stolen. Every bit of consumer data has been compromised. Why? It puts us on a much more heightened state of awareness to help mitigate the type of environment we work in. We also believe that we are not just fighting against naturally evolving organisms. Rather, we are combating a very sophisticated and powerfully-motivated individuals who are highly creative.”

During the 45-minute live webinar, Britton also provided five distinct actions that businesses can take to help protect their organizations as well as real-world strategies for preventing and detecting fraud online AND maintaining a positive online experience for valued customers.

Want to learn more? Link to the on demand webinar here and stay tuned for next month’s panel where we will focus on the surveillance and validation of data prior to theft. Viewers will be armed with tactics that they can leverage in their own organizations.