Our Commitment

As the global leader in the credit business, it is our responsibility to assist lenders in managing consumer credit risk, and importantly, to empower consumers to understand and responsibly use credit in their financial lives. These responsibilities require a commitment – a commitment from us to play a leading role in helping consumers understand the fundamentals of credit management and how they can benefit from this growing marketplace reliant upon credit. 

What Our Partners Say

Experian seems to really take consumer information to heart

We're so happy to have Experian as our partner
National Consumer League

Data Integrity

Commitment to Data Integrity

Experian North America manages more than 220 million consumer credit files which brings with it an enormous responsibility. It is our commitment to protect and manage those files, and ensure their integrity so that consumers are afforded the many opportunities associated with credit. We have invested in businesses and processes that enable Experian to have the highest-quality, freshest data for consumers. Some examples over the years include:

  • We have 400 specific quality data requirements clients must meet to help ensure the integrity of the data we receive.
  • We were the first and only credit bureau to place on-time rental payment information on consumer credit reports, which can help those consumers who are building their credit profiles.
  • We are the only credit bureau to invest in and build its own data center exclusive for Experian.

You have our commitment to continue researching and investing in ways to maintain and build on the integrity of the data we manage, and the ways we support consumers throughout their life of using credit.

Genevieve Juillard
President, Consumer Information Solutions
Experian North America

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