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Enhanced Support Features

Experian® offers additional support features that enable your company to quickly and effectively address a data breach incident.

Sometimes providing credit monitoring, identity theft protection and fraud resolution is not enough to help prevent the potential damages caused by identity theft. As part of an overall data breach resolution plan, Experian offers several enhanced support features to help your organization cope with the resource-intensive requirements of addressing a data breach. These features help your organization execute a data breach resolution plan as effectively as possible, assist in reducing organizational strain, and allow you to focus on running your business.

Call Center Support
  • Incident-related scripting assistance
  • Incident-related FAQ support
Letter Shop
  • Notification letter assistance
  • Black and White or four-color notification letters
  • National address on file
  • Address append
  • User-friendly format/letter copy
  • Enrollment escalation desk
  • Client resolution communications
  • Open/closed ticket management
  • VIP escalation support
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Data Breach Resolution

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After identities have been compromised, how do you quickly and efficiently communicate with your customers, employees, and clients? Rely on Experian to de-mystify the complex, and time- consuming processes of managing communications with those affected by a data breach.

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As a law firm, who do you turn to when your client calls and says “We think we’ve had a data breach. What do we do?”

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