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Why trust just any data breach resolution provider when working with Experian is easy and efficient? With Experian, you can feel certain that your resolution is on the right path. Experience the difference: 

No Upsells Breach victims are not offered other products as part of their member experience.  Also, Experian does not sell member information for marketing purposes.
No Retainer Fees We don't charge you ahead of a breach like other companies. Our pre-breach agreements are always free.
Retroactive Detection Victims can see all the changes that have occurred to their credit report since the date of the data breach, and can have our Fraud Resolution team address any existing issues.
Won’t Turn You Away As the largest credit bureau in the US, we have the capacity to handle large numbers of breaches concurrently.  We will never be too busy to help you.  
Financially Stable Unlike startups offering identity protection products, Experian is a $5 Billion company that will be around when you need us.  

Data Breach Resolution

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Experian Data Breach Resolution has handled thousands of data breaches. We can handle yours.

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