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Family SecureSM

A data breach resolution tool designed to address potential damages to customers, employees, clients, and their families who were put at risk by a loss of data.

Why do families need to be protected after a data breach?

It's not just your staff, clients or customers who are affected when sensitive personal information is exposed; whole families are placed at risk of becoming victims of fraud or identity theft.  With as many as nine million consumers victimized by identity theft per year - including up to 500,000 children - the need for powerful identity theft protection has never been greater.*

Take proactive measures against the threat of identity theft and fraud.

Experian’s Family Secure is ideal for credit monitoring circumstances where 1 adult and their children are impacted. After online enrollment occurs, Family Secure members can extend credit monitoring benefits to a spouse, another adult family member or even a friend at no extra cost. However, only the primary member will have access to child monitoring information.

Family Secure offers peace of mind through constant credit monitoring. Individuals enrolled in Family Secure receive:
  • Experian® credit monitoring and alerts: Automatic daily monitoring of credit reports for adults; e-mail or text alerts of key changes sent within 24 hours.
  • Monitoring of children's credit information: Some minors do have credit reports if parents include them as co-signers on a credit card, for instance.
  • 24/7 credit report access: Unlimited, on-demand Experian reports and scores.
  • Monthly Reports: Updates confirming the absence of credit activity.
  • Fraud resolution assistance: Toll-free access to Fraud Resolution Agents who investigate each incident.
  • Score illustrator: Analysis of your Experian score and monthly score trending.
  • Daily tracking and notification: Notification of new inquiries, newly opened accounts, delinquencies and public records.
$2 Million Family Secure Guarantee
  • Up to $2 million Product Guarantee for active Family Secure members.1
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* Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Site, 2007.

1Applies to certain expenses as outlined in the terms and conditions of the guarantee. The Family Secure Guarantee is not offered, applicable or available to residents of the state of New York.

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Family Secure

Family Secure is a superior credit monitoring product focused on individuals and families that helps prevent the potential damages caused by identity theft.

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