Know that your company is not alone if your business experiences a breach. Even the most “secure” institutions are not immune to data leakage, whether accidental or intentional. Data breaches can affect all organizations, regardless of size or perceived strength in security defense resources.

If your company has experienced a limited data breach of 500 records or less, and you need to respond effectively and quickly, consider partnering with Experian. Learn more about how we can help you respond quickly to a limited data breach by contacting us at or call 1 866 751 1323.

Have you already spoken to a Data Breach Resolution professional?

Download the Order Form and Terms and Conditions designed for a limited data breach by clicking the button below. Please print out, review and sign the order form. Submit the signed Order Form only to your Experian Data Breach Resolution professional using one of two options:

  • Scan to PDF and email to with the subject line “Data Breach Order Form”

Please call your Experian Data Breach Resolution Professional if you have any further questions.

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Data Breach Resolution Products

Data-loss incidents can negatively affect consumer confidence, resulting in serious implications for customer loyalty and reputation. An institution’s response to a data-loss incident makes all the difference1. Regardless of the amount of data breached, organizations can work to protect their brand equity and customer relationships by quickly providing protection for all customers, clients and employees who may be affected by a loss of data.

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or call 1 866 751 1323.

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As a law firm, who do you turn to when your client calls and says “We think we’ve had a data breach. What do we do?”

To learn more about how we can help your clients mitigate the potential negative impact of a data breach call 1 866 751 1323.