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A data breach is a traumatic experience for everyone involved – one that can have negative long-term effects. Your business may deal with loss of revenue from customer turnover and brand mistrust for months or years. And individuals affected by the data breach have a higher risk for identity theft. That risk may follow them for the rest of their lives if key information, such as Social Security numbers and birthdates, is breached.

If your business experiences a breach of data, it’s in your best interest to address the negative effects. As a global leader in data protection, Experian can help. We offer comprehensive data breach resolution. By partnering with Experian, you can help protect your business interests and the personal identities of affected individuals all at once. We address your need for quick data breach resolution. And we address your customers’ needs for data breach protection. All to help you maintain your brand integrity and customer loyalty.

Our turn-key data breach resolution makes it easy. We provide incident management, data breach notification and reporting, as well as identity protection and call center support for your customers. We’ll build a solid foundation for your data breach resolution so you can move on from the incident and help your customers do the same.


Incident Management

Experian has the resources and experience to keep your data breach resolution on track.


Dedicated Account Manager
You’ll have an assigned, experienced Account Manager to help guide you through every aspect of your data breach resolution. Your Account Manager will provide an implementation checklist so you know what to expect during each phase of the resolution process.


Incident Response Education
The way you communicate internally and externally about a data breach can impact your brand integrity and resolution efforts. Experian will train your key staff members on addressing the breach and preparing for situations that may arise.


Data Breach Notification

Experian helps you act quickly to notify affected individuals within the timeframe of any federal data breach laws or state data breach laws pertaining to your incident.


Effective Notification Letters
We can provide a notification letter template for you to customize and use to mail your choice of a four-color or black-and-white data breach notification letter, as well as resend any letters returned due to incorrect addresses.


Address Verification
Using our vast data resources, we can provide current and appended addresses, as well as research addresses for incomplete records. This is an important step to help ensure you reach the right individuals in a timely manner.


Identity Protection

A data breach puts your customers at higher risk of identity theft. By offering them an Experian protection product, you can help them maintain their security and peace of mind.


Experian IdentityWorks®



IdentityWorks Credit and Credit Minor ensures they have access to progressive credit monitoring, fraud resolution and identity theft insurance to help them regain their security.


Identity & Identity Minor

Identity and Identity Minor scours chat rooms, blogs, websites and other data sources to identify the illegal trading and selling of personal identities. Detect compromised personal information sooner, no matter where it occurs. Your members can also have peace of mind knowing our fraud resolution agents and identity theft insurance are available to them if something were to happen.


Fraud Resolution
No matter which protection product you choose to offer your customers, Experian will provide professional fraud resolution assistance. We help members address any issues with identity theft that arise. We assign members whose identities have been compromised a dedicated, U.S.-based Fraud Resolution Agent to walk them through the steps to recovery. Having an experienced Fraud Resolution Agent based in the U.S. is a valuable asset for your customers.


Call Center Support

Our U.S.-based Call Center is open seven days a week to serve the individuals affected by a data breach. You can rest assured your customers will receive professional care.


Easy Enrollment
We can assign a unique, toll-free number your customers can use to enroll in their protection product. We’ll also develop and use scripting related to your specific incident to remind your customers that you are providing this protection product as a special precaution for them.


Daily Customer Service
Our Customer Care team is available seven days a week to ensure your customers have the identity protection support they need. We are able to answer any questions and help escalate a case to a Fraud Resolution Agent when necessary.


Customized FAQs
We will provide our Call Center with a list of FAQs regarding the data breach so our team can answer questions your customers might have regarding the incident. This eliminates the need for you to use internal resources for communicating with individuals affected by the breach.


Incident Reporting

Experian provides the tracking and reporting you need to monitor your data breach resolution, report back to your key stakeholders and comply with state and federal regulations.


Escalation Reporting
You will receive timely updates on the status of any escalated concerns that your organization submits to Experian.


Notification Metrics
We will keep you informed about the results of our data breach notification process, including the number of notices sent, received and returned.


Call Center Metrics
We will track daily call volume, type of calls, speed of answer and other metrics that allow you to monitor the efficiency of our Call Center and your customers’ use of the protection product.

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2 Applies to certain expenses as outlined in the terms and conditions of the guarantee. The Family Secure Guarantee is not offered, applicable or available to residents of the state of New York.

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