2021 Data Breach Industry Forecast

Experian 2021 Data Breach Industry Forecast

Without question, 2020 was a year marked by unexpected and unprecedented change. From social distancing to mask-wearing, the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic impacted communities across the globe are still being felt, from the schoolhouse to the work front and beyond. While businesses and citizens adjust to the ‘new normal,’ one group found a way to thrive during the crisis: cybercriminals. Tech-savvy hackers honed in on new targets and found new means to access sensitive data, gaining ground to wreak havoc in the New Year. 

Our latest forecast, available now, zeroes in on five new well-researched, expertise-driven data breach trends that can damage our collective physical and technological health in 2021. Along with our predictions rooted in Experian’s history of helping companies navigate more than 50,000 breaches in the last 17 years, the report provides a report card on our 2019 predictions, Phishing 2020, Hacker in the Sky with Data, It’s a Fake, Going Up in Smoke, and Data Here, Get Your Data Here.

To find out which projections we feel received an “A” and read the latest report, download the Eight Annual Edition of Experian’s 2021 Data Breach Industry Forecast below. 

Experian 2021 Data Breach Industry Forecast

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