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Experian's Fifth Annual Data Breach Preparedness Study

The Fifth Annual Study: Is Your Company Ready for a Big Data Breach sponsored by Experian® Data Breach Resolution and conducted by Ponemon Institute examines the progress companies are making in preparing for the increasing likelihood they will have personal and sensitive information lost or stolen in the coming year. Each year more companies represented in this research study have a data breach.

In this year’s study, Ponemon Institute surveyed 624 executives and staff employees who work primarily in privacy, compliance and IT security in the United States. Of these, just 119 or 19 percent of the total respondents self-reported that their organizations’ data breach response plan is highly effective. 56 percent of respondents report their organization had a breach, an increase from 52 percent last year. Seventy percent of respondents say their organization had multiple breaches and 39 percent of respondents say their companies’ data breaches were global.


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