Rules of Engagement

  1. New authorized suppliers are required to agree to Experian supplier terms and conditions and complete a supplier on boarding form for our ERP system and contract management tool. Submission of the above does not guarantee you will be added to Experian's Supplier Listing.
  2. Experian requires all our suppliers to be formally contracted prior to providing any goods and/or services.  Authorized supplier contracts are executed by a representative of our Global Sourcing organization.
  3. Experian uses a competitive bid process that enables qualified suppliers to compete for Experian's business.
  4. Purchase orders are only electronically transmitted to a supplier and are only directed to one email address. Suppliers are responsible for forwarding PO's internally within their organization.
  5. No order for goods and/or services should be fulfilled to Experian prior to receiving a valid, recognized Experian purchase order number. Suppliers fulfilling orders without a valid Experian purchase order will NOT BE PAID.
  6. The purchase order number must be clearly printed on all packing slips, invoices and all related correspondence.
  7. Invoices submitted for payment without a valid, recognized Experian purchase order number will NOT BE PAID.
  8. If the invoice does not match the purchase order, for any reason, it will be returned to the Supplier for resolution.
  9. All applicable taxes should be applied based upon the final destination as indicated on the purchase order, unless otherwise stipulated.
  10. All invoices will be paid via EFT
  11. Payment status and resolution inquiries are to be directed to our Accounts Payable Department ONLY.

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