Customer Management powered by PowerCurve

Earn more profitable customers through adaptive and targeted approaches

Competition is fierce and unrelenting. To win, you need more insight into the true nature and full value of your customer relationships. The right strategies and means can keep you moving in an ever-more-profitable direction, while also navigating an every-changing business environment.

Profitable customer data management

Customer Management powered by PowerCurve gives you unmatched capabilities for turning customer-level analytic insights into a coordinated set of account-level treatment strategies, rapidly deployed and consistently executed across product lines and channels. The platform creates a unique profile for each customer, encompassing their entire relationship with the organization. This dynamic profile can include scores and metrics for risk, profitability, propensity to pay and lifetime value. The platform makes it easy to incorporate new data sources that further enrich the profile. This comprehensive profile is the key to accurately identifying your most valuable customers or those with potential to become more valuable. It’s also the key to creating powerful segmentation schemes.

Rapid test-and-learn cycles

You need to quickly deploy new and updated strategies, without the need for IT assistance, including designating them for Champion/Challenger testing. They can also control performance monitoring by simply selecting from a range of dynamic report styles, which self-configure to match the segmentation characteristics and key performance indicators (KPIs) in the strategy. Because performance reports are viewable within the design environment, users quickly see what is working well and what isn’t. Gaps between expectations and results point to opportunities for improvement as well as early signs of market and economic changes affecting customer behavior.

With PowerCurve Customer Management, you can:

  • Easily incorporate new decisioning capabilities into your existing environment
  • Drive higher decisioning performance and return on investment throughout your organization
  • Accelerate time to market while boosting overall productivity
  • Adapt and maneuver in ever-changing markets

How the PowerCurve platform enables these capabilities

  • Open, modular framework
  • Shared data, analytics, software and capabilities across the customer lifecycle
  • More focus on a decision-centric approach than current solutions
  • Seamless integration and shared capabilities across the customer lifecycle
  • Creation and inclusion of new and innovative products

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