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Learn how the powerful combination of Knowledge IQ through Precise ID can significantly elevate your identity authentication, fraud prevention and credit risk practices.


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Knowledge IQSM through Precise IDSM

Stay a step ahead of criminals. Integrate authentication and fraud detection.

Combining the leading-edge analytics and decisioning technology of Precise ID scores with the sophisticated Knowledge IQ challenge-response questions, you have a revolutionary risk-based solution for identity authentication and fraud prevention.

Through a combination of data, analytics and revolutionary capabilities, Knowledge IQ through Precise ID will substantially minimize risk and improve customer satisfaction across a range of lenders including financial services providers, card issuers, retailers and order processors. 

  • A single integration point for identity verification
  • Unparalleled depth and breadth of data sources, credit and non-credit data, for a complete picture of each applicant
  • Proven analytics and scoring expertise help balance the risk and reward in your fraud strategy
  • Configurable question presentation and time limits
  • Credit reporting agency independent
  • Delivery through interactive voice response (IVR) systems is available
Balance Risk and Reward

Precise ID is a single-platform solution that allows you to customize risk strategies for all of your organization's fraud prevention needs across product lines throughout the customer life cycle.  This powerful solution gives you the most complete and accurate view of a consumer's identity so you can make the right decisions, when it counts - at the point of application.

  • Reduces operational expenses, both actual loss and management costs
  • Fewer manual reviews required plus a reduction in false positive rates
  • Enhances customer satisfaction by targeting only the riskiest consumers with increased verification
  • Eliminates the need to combine several niche solutions
Rapid, Reliable, Configurable

Knowledge IQ provides a strong level of identity authentication using sophisticated challenge-response question technology and fraud models to formulate questions that only the true customer would know, to authenticate their identity.

  • Flexible, client-controlled question configurations
  • Global question exclusion over a specific period of time
  • Ability to change strategies for each inquiry
  • Faceless interactions can be managed through set time limits to prevent criminals from researching answers
  • Alternate languages for question presentation at inquiry
Interactive Voice Response

Experian can deliver Knowledge IQ within the latest automated interactive voice response systems with the ability to generate automated authentication questions for inbound and outbound calls. This provides customers with a more positive and secure interaction, while reducing manual call center operations and interventions.

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