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Financial lender realizes 296 percent return on marketing investment, increasing net profit by 60 percent
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If you are prospecting for new customers in the next six months, how do you plan to acquire them?

Last quarter’s poll results
Find out how our readers responded to, “As a result of the Credit CARD Act, what areas do you feel will be most affected by the end of the fiscal year?”

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Defaulting on a mortgage seriously impacts scores.
But what if you miss only one payment?

  More than 35.5 million used cars were registered in 2009 — six tips to ensure your customers are making sound used car buying decisions

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Credit Trends
  Do you live in the most debt-burdened city in the United States? Experian ranks the top 20 major U.S. metropolitan areas by average debt per consumer
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  Proactively react — a new approach to targeting consumers

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Experian Expertise
  S&P/Experian: May Consumer Defaults Down Broadly
S&P/Experian's monthly consumer credit indices showed that consumer credit defaults fell in May, with bank card default rates declining for the first time since December
  Orlando ranks 10th in U.S. with average consumer debt of $25,316
With the average consumer in hock nearly $25,320, Metro Orlando ranks 10th among the nation's top 20 cities with the highest personal debt, according to a recent study
  Do You Live in a High-Debt City?
Seattle might be known for good coffee and being home to Grey's Anatomy, but it also deserves another association: Lots of debt.
U.S. News & World Report
  Dallas-Fort Worth residents have among the nation's highest debt and lowest credit scores

You can still experience Experian's Vision 2010 Conference
In May, Experian hosted its annual Vision Conference. More than 250 industry leaders gathered to discuss current and forecasted macroeconomic conditions, consumer and business credit trends, mortgage loss mitigation, strategic default analysis and cutting-edge solutions to today's challenges.

We are bringing you exclusive recordings from two of our most well-attended sessions, giving you answers to improve business performance at every stage of the Customer Life Cycle:

  Video: Understanding credit scoring behavior given recent credit challenges
Want to fine-tune your acquisition and account management strategies? Find out how current market trends can impact your lending strategies through VantageScore Solutions, LLC — providing you with insights impacting credit scores due to credit line decreases and the payment hierarchy given real-estate events
  Video: Making your credit scores work for you
Do you understand how to extract the full value from your consumer credit scores? Is the score still working? Learn how to analyze and validate the effectiveness of your scores and what steps to take based on the outcome.

Join the Vision Community for more information and to engage with subject-matter experts and other industry leaders:

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