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Premier Attributes - Product Information

Get more information on Premier Attributes and understand how Experian data experts take the guesswork out of attribute selection.

Premier Attributes - Canadian Edition

Premier AttributesSM - Canadian Edition is a comprehensive set of more than 600 dual-bureau-leveled credit attributes that have been analyzed, interpreted and validated for statistical performance.

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Premier Attributes℠

Enhanced Strategies for a dynamic marketplace

Premier AttributesSM provides lenders with the most robust, accurate credit attributes needed to make strategic decisions across the Customer Life Cycle — helping to increase profitability and reduce the time and resources needed for credit attribute management.

Premier Attributes addresses the critical needs of lending institutions with relevant industry and account attributes designed to help lenders address critical business needs.

Incorporating Premier Attributes into analytical projects enables lenders to pinpoint specific consumer behavior easily, providing enhanced segmentation opportunities, policy rule development and improved lending decisions throughout the Customer Life Cycle.

What are the key benefits of Premier Attributes?

Premier Attributes is a comprehensive credit attribute set that includes tri-bureau leveled attributes, auditing and maintenance from seasoned credit industry data experts.

  • Utilize the most predictive credit for model development and analytical projects to identify trends promptly and reduce risk exposure.
  • Maximize prospecting strategies by targeting the right offer to ideal prospects to increase response rates, market penetration and profits.
  • Improve operational efficiency through the use of automated decisioning tools, potentially resulting in greater profitability, increased employee productivity and higher loan quality.

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