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Bureau Scoring Models

Build a more profitable portfolio using highly predictive decisioning tools.

Tap into a comprehensive suite of broad-based and industry-specific bureau scores to improve your strategic decision-making. Experian's bureau scores help you identify best prospects, creditworthy customers and the most profitable recovery opportunities.

  • Make objective, consistent and efficient customer evaluations using statistically derived, non-judgmental, tools
  • Get immediate access to bureau scores, included in Experian's Credit Profile Report or added to other prescreen or account management programs
  • Ensure cost-effective pricing with no up-front fees and volume-based pricing
Assess the likelihood of response to an offer

In the Market ModelsSM intuitive models identify consumers soon to be in the market for a specific product type within a one to four month window.

Mitigate the high dollar losses associated with bankruptcies

Bankruptcy PLUSSM a powerful tri-bureau solution used to specifically detect bankruptcy risks in acquisitions and account management

Forecast the probability of seriously delinquent or derogatory payment behavior

Broad-based Risk Models predict delinquency on any type of account across all industries.

  • Scorex PLUSSM Access groundbreaking predictive techniques that outperform traditional risk models
  • VantageScoreTM

Industry-specific Risk Models capture the nuances of a particular industry and predict the likelihood of delinquency on a specific type of account.

Prioritize Collection Efforts Based on Collectability

RecoveryScoreSM identifies which accounts show the greatest potential for recovery.

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