Did you know, e-commerce fraud has spiked over 30% from last year?

Online and mobile channels are critical to businesses and their customers. They’re also very attractive to criminals. Businesses need to anticipate an increase of digital fraud and online fraud over time and be prepared to defend the institution and its customers. We’ll help you keep the bad guys out, and do business with only legitimate customers.

Online fraud comes in many forms throughout the customer journey

Through payment fraud detection and by securing all the points of the customer journey, businesses can better protect themselves from fraud, while maintaining a good consumer experience. More importantly, having the right fraud detection solution in place can help businesses prevent losses both in dollars and reputation. 

Our fraud and identity solutions bring together the capabilities and the expertise to grow your topline and make more confident customer decisions.


Fraud detection and prevention platform

Improve fraud detection, increase efficiency and offer a friction-free customer journey. Isn't it time you had a way to more easily manage fraud and identity solutions?

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Reduce customer friction

Fraud intelligence means effective online fraud management so you can reduce customer friction and keep your best customers.

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Identity authentication and verification

A comprehensive approach to fraud detection and compliance. Our tools give you the most complete and accurate view of a consumer's identity so you can make the right decisions, when it counts.

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Multifactor authentication

Combat digital fraud and card-not-present fraud. Seamlessly verify a customer's identity during remote transaction with one-time password (OTP). 


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Fraud heat map
E-commerce attack rates

2018 Global Fraud and Identity Report

How well-equipped are you for online customer authentication?

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