Did you know e-commerce fraud spiked over 30% in the last year?

Online and mobile channels are critical to businesses and their customers, but they are very attractive to criminals.

Businesses need to anticipate an increase of online fraud over time and seeking ways to ensure they are protecting themselves and their customers from e-commerce fraud. Customer friction, abandonment at checkout, and rising fraud risks are decreasing revenue and negatively affecting brand reputation. Combat this growing problem.


Identifying the customer’s true identity

By using the right combination of data, applied analytics, and highly predictive identity scores, we will help speed good customers along, which will reduce abandonment at checkout and helping you grow your business.

Layered fraud management strategies

Our multi-layered approach to fraud provides the right treatment, with the right tools, at the right time. It can be deployed quickly and is easily tailored to view suspect events, allowing you to make informed decisions and seamlessly verify legitimate customers.

Orchestrated decisioning

Our decision platform combines identity risk assessments and analytics into a single integration to give you the power to instantly make the best decision. With a scalable and flexible API, we can help you effectively connect, access, and orchestrate decisions across multiple systems.

Expert guidance along the way

Our highly qualified fraud industry consultants have a wide range of experience across dozens of industries around the globe. We are here to help develop and deploy solutions that will catch more fraud and enhance the customer experience, and therefore, grow your business.

How we help

Our e-commerce fraud solution is designed to defend your business from further fraud attacks. Using online and offline customer data, united with a layered approach and orchestrated decisioning, we will help you catch more fraud, protect revenue, enhance the customer experience and safeguard your brand reputation.

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Seamlessly verify a customer's true identity to reduce fraud, protect revenue and safeguard your brand's reputation.

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