Experian's real-time authentication service for merchants is the only industry tool that verifies the full credit card number against a consumer's identity through reported trade line activity.  Authentication at the point of purchase is critical to safeguarding your customer's information and your business creating an environment that reduces fraud and enables business growth.   

  • Automated authentication capabilities easily uncovers fraudulent behavior and creates operational efficiencies.
  • Unique technology verifies full credit card number against a consumer's identity via reported trade line activity.
  • Verifies transactions in seconds rather than minutes.
  • Access to Experian's File OneSM credit database containing information on more than 220 million credit-active consumers.
  • Fraud alerts on closed accounts, lost or stolen credit cards, and victim statements.
  • Multiple access methods include – real-time or batch processing, instant Web-based processing, XML delivery – which allow transparent integration with your internal platforms or consumer-facing Web sites.

Real-time Authentication to Check Credit Card Number & Billing Information

How Does it Work?



Integrated Fraud Alert Data

 One of seven match codes are returned

 Output account data 

 Customer match data

  • M = Full match
  • P = Partial match
  • C = Match, but account is closed
  • L = Match, but card is lost or stolen
  • E = Invalid card number
  • X = No record or security alert
  • N = No match
  • Subscriber name
  • Card open date
  • Credit limit/ Current balance
  • Match level
  • Card status
  • Standardized address
  • Data of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Driver’s license data
  • Full name
  • Phone

Get additional fraud alerts such as recent change of address, high-risk addresses, victim statements and other potential identity theft activity indicators.

Mulitple Uses

Criminals are constantly seeking new ways to take advantage of vulnerabilities and fraud is an ever-growing expensive problem affecting all financial institutions and merchants. Linking a consumer’s name and address to the card they are using significantly helps verify legitimate transactions and reduces fraudulent losses.

 Credit card verification for balance transfers

 Credit card verification for merchants

 Ensures the account receiving the funds belongs 
 to the person requesting the balance transfer.

 Ensures that the credit card being used to make a 
 purchase via the internet actually belongs to the 
 person presenting the card.


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