Prospecting solutions for credit unions of all sizes

Increasing members and loans. That is the challenge for credit unions today. But we are right here for you, to partner in identifying and maximizing solutions for growth and efficiency. How does that sound?

Segment & Target

Quest - Identify profitable accounts and refine decisioning for credit line increases and offers.

Credit 3D - Credit3D combines the power of the credit profile with the depth of trended credit data in ready-to-deploy, prescriptive solutions designed to increase response rates, optimize credit terms, and decrease attrition.

Premier AttributesSM - Want to start making more informed lending decisions? Premier Attributes provides lenders with the best-in-class credit attributes needed to make strategic decisions across the Customer Life Cycle — increase profitability and reduce the time and resources needed for credit attribute management.

Attribute Toolbox TM - Attribute Toolbox enhances your business decisioning by leveraging customer relationship, income, fraud and other nontraditional data, allows you to execute attribute calculations in real-time, customize and merge data sets seamlessly. Ultimately allowing you to make more effective decisions.

Increase Members & Loans

Prescreen- Qualify and segment your prospect list according to your unique credit criteria so you can target members most likely to respond to your credit offers.

Prequalification - Prequalify members for credit in real time — online, on the phone or face-to-face –matching members to loan options at the point of contact.

Lend Deeper

Extended ViewSM Score - Assess the creditworthiness of underserved consumers.

Income InsightSM Model - Determine a customer's ability to meet their financial obligations


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Experian serves credit unions across all asset tiers with a team 100 percent dedicated to this industry. Beyond credit reports, we offer data analytics, segmentation solutions, automated decisioning, and digital strategies that help credit unions drive growth, compete through differentiation, and protect against fraud and regulatory risk.

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