Do You Need to Dispute Your Own Credit Report?

Resolve reporting errors by disputing information on a personal or business credit report.


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Express Request - Resolve Disputes on Your Customers' Personal Credit Reports

Resolve credit report disputes rapidly

Express RequestSM update service provides you with a fast, simple way to resolve disputes on your customers’ personal credit reports. This service expedites correction of most errors in just one to two business days, with the results immediately reflected in the customer’s credit score.

Prevent Loan Approval Delays

Inaccuracies on a consumer’s credit report are more than an inconvenience. They may result in frustrated customers and lost business, especially when a loan approval is at stake.

The standard time it takes to process a dispute may result in your customer having to pay a higher interest rate or even losing the home he or she has under contract. In addition, your potential loan may become a lost opportunity.

Resolve Disputes Quickly

Experian’s Express Request update service solves this dilemma for Experian’s clients with credit decisions pending.

This expedited process quickly corrects inaccuracies on personal credit reports:

  • Updates disputed records in Experian’s File OneSM consumer database
  • Facilitates a corrected credit report and credit score in one to two business days
  • Prevents delays in the loan approval process
  • Usually results in a more positive credit evaluation for your customer
Proof Documentation Service

Most credit file updates are made based on proof documents supplied by your customer — a canceled check, a letter from the creditor or other proof that a disputed account has been resolved.

Upon receiving your Express Request form and the proof documentation via fax, Experian® changes the record in its File One database within one to two business days. An updated credit report and credit score then can be generated.

Enhanced Resolution Services

When documented proof is not available from your customer, Express Request offers additional resolution services:

  • Manual verification — Experian contacts the creditor directly to verify whether a dispute has been resolved
  • Bankruptcy update — Upon receiving your customer’s bankruptcy discharge paperwork, Experian updates all records included in the bankruptcy
  • Mixed files — Experian separates the files combined in error and generates a new credit report and score
  • Reinvestigation — This special service resolves credit report data the customer continues to dispute despite previous attempts at resolution
Keep Your Closings on Track

Express Request helps you keep your approval process on schedule by quickly resolving credit report disputes that might otherwise delay closing and create problems for your customers.

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