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Redefine Your Credit Marketing

Expanding Your Marketable Universe

Prospecting the near prime market

Financial institutions are looking for ways to redefine long-standing policies and uncover ways to identify the right prospects within a consumer segment which may have been overlooked.  Using a combination of Experian’s tools, you’ll be enabled to find low-risk, highly responsive near prime consumers. near prime bundle

Identify Profitable Populations, quickly and easily

Many credit marketers are evaluating opportunities within slightly riskier populations and through new communication channels to target near prime segments who are trending upwards . Analytically based methods allow you to select the most profitable segments in a reliable and efficient manner.  Using a combination of Experian tools from testing lower-scoring segments to identifying unbanked/underbanked consumers to delivering credit-screened offers online, the breadth of methods that lenders are using to acquire new accounts has expanded.

New Portfolio Growth Strategies

Experian® can help you identify best practices for growth and develop customized strategies that best suit your acquisition objectives, including:

  • Near prime marketing - Strategically marketing up and down the risk scale confidently
  • Channel Expansion - Use of prequalification tools to optimize new account acquisitions online
  • New Entrants - Use hot lists to supplement direct marketing campaigns
  • Radical Processing - Develop strategies using propensity models to drive faster, more targeted campaigns

Leverage every point of contact with a customer

Experian has the expertise to help you achieve desired results.

  • Prequalification - Provide customers with a variety of credit options in real time at the point of contact without extending a firm offer of credit.
  • Instant Prescreen - Immediately extend preapproved offers of credit to prospects when they’re most responsive — at the point of contact -- with this quick and easy cross-selling tool.

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