Lead Generation Using Permission-Based Credit Information

Experian's Premium Prequalification

Take lead generation to the next level by utilizing individual credit data to proactively match consumers to appropriate loans and services before they apply - creating high-quality, prequalified leads for lenders and service providers.

This process is based on the consumer's written consent, providing lead generators a window to a consumer's data, while giving the consumer the opportunity to consider products and services that fit their credit-profile.

What's more, Premium Prequalification posts a soft inquiry to the consumer's file so it does not affect their credit score.

Drive Consumers To Your Website

Premium Prequalification also provides your website visitors with an overview of their credit health, including display of individual credit information such as risk score, aggregate tradeline informaiton, total debt and total available credit. This valuable service creates a powerful marketing message to help drive incremental traffic to your website and will keep consumers coming back for updated information - accelerating your website lead generation as well as ROI.

A Win For You, The Consumer and Your Partners

  • For you - Premium Prequalification gives you access to the consumer data you need to generate high-quality, tailored leads that are credit screened - resulting in higher converstion rates. Premium Prequalification is also a powerful marketing tool which can drive increased traffic to the website - resulting in increased up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • For the consumer - Premium Prequalification provides valuable credit information at no fee to the consumer and is also used to present relevant, tailored options that may potentially save them time and money.
  • For your partners - Lenders and service providers purchasing your leads will experience a higher approval rate during the application process as all leads are credit qualified - lowering their cost per acquisition.

How the Prequalification Lead Generation Process Works:

Premium Prequalification

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