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Identify Bankrupt, Possible Military, Deceased and Other High Risk Accounts Before It's Too Late


Recognize regulatory risk early in your debt collection efforts. With FirstSweepSM from Experian®, you can now reduce legal risk and maximize your debt collection resources by leveraging bankruptcy, deceased, possible military indicator, cell phone, fraud, litigious debtor and other information sources.

Fresh, Accurate Data for Debt Collection

Not all bankruptcy scrub tools are the same. FirstSweep has been tested against alternative sources of bankruptcy data, showing an improvement in quality and a reduction in case update errors. Additionally, the data is refreshed and updated daily for greater accuracy.

An Ever-Improving, Comprehensive Tool

FirstSweep is designed as a modular platform where new data sources can be added based on shifting industry needs. This valuable tool complements your skip tracing efforts to:

  • Reduce regulatory risk — improve the accuracy and freshness of information on your accounts to help you comply with FDCPA, FACTA and SCRA requirements.
  • Identify accounts that need further review — organize your accounts and optimize your resources
  • Monitor future changes — retain access to Experian’s unique portfolio of sources to update new information as it occurs
Layout and Flexible File Formatting

Experian’s FirstSweep is available in a standard, easy-to-use fixed-length or comma-delimited format. Results are returned in the same format and can be loaded into standard office software or integrated into your debt collection account software for an efficient, fully automated product.

In addition, the product can be easily formatted to your existing layouts to reduce IT costs and streamline the onboarding process.

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