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Experian Data Integrity Services

Review your data reporting accuracy from several key perspectives from the initial reporting and loading all the way through dispute processing. Given the current regulatory environment, understanding and improving your data reporting is vital as incorrect reporting drives increased dispute volume and decreased customer satisfaction.


  • End-to-end data reporting assessment
  • Data reporting reviews (including dispute metrics)
  • Peer benchmarking (within the current review and ongoing)
  • Customized consumer services (for dispute management)

Experian has a stellar reputation operating in a highly regulated field in order to meet the needs of the financial services industry while balancing those needs with our responsibility to consumers. Our history, integrity, and understanding of the industry and ever-changing landscape are the foundation of Experian’s Data Integrity Services.  These services will provide our clients, regardless of size, industry, or complexity, a comprehensive methodology for assessing data quality throughout the customer lifecycle.

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