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Inaccurate data can cost more than time and money.
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Learn how mounting regulatory pressures are impacting how financial service companies deal with data reporting and accuracy.

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Regulatory Pressure Leaves Data Furnishers on the Hook to Make Data Accuracy a Top Priority
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CFPB is holding organizations accountable for inaccurate data and driving data furnishers to be more responsive in dispute resolution.

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Experian Data Integrity Services℠

Experian Data Integrity Services℠ offers comprehensive reporting solutions that assess the accuracy of consumer credit data. We can help data providers meet their obligations to furnish accurate data to the credit bureaus, as stated in section 623 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Our tools can provide insight and analysis of Metro 2® submissions, consumer tradeline data, detail on disputes and peer benchmarking.

Minimize regulatory risk and exposure by receiving quality reporting metrics, implementing sound policies and procedures, and establishing an ongoing monitoring mechanism to continually evaluate the quality of your data.

DataArc Packages

Experian’s DataArc packages offer a robust and comprehensive analysis across multiple businesses allowing clients to proactively assess the quality of their data. With our products we can provide a full 360 degree view of data quality. Custom products also invite more hands-on analysis and comprehensive reviews of large data sets across a variety of conversation periods.

DataArc 360™

DataArc 360™ Powered by Experian Pandora, this is a revolutionary solution that offers a proactive methodology for improving data accuracy and managing data quality issues prior to Metro 2® reporting. Verify and correct credit report submissions for Metro 2® standards before sending credit data to the bureaus.

  • Analyze/uncover data issues, find root cause, perform ad hoc investigations, monitor quality over time, and prioritize and justify actions.
  • Beyond just a visual representation of data, Pandora can help with data preparation, perform instantaneous data browsing, filtering and relationship discovery.
  • Ability to upload dispute information and to monitor and compare against Metro 2® submission.
  • DataArc 360 is bureau agnostic and can be used when sending data files to all Credit Reporting Agencies.


  • Analysis of one month Metro 2® submissions, failures and dispute metrics
  • 12 months of trended dispute detail including dispute rates, response rates, disputes reasons and action taken
  • NEW! Industry benchmarking

DataArc Plus™

  • Analysis of three months of Metro 2® submissions
  • Peer benchmarking metrics to compare data quality and disputes to selected peer group
  • 12 months of dispute detail including dispute account number and reference number
  • Data delivered in a dashboard tool and allows user to interact with and filter data

DataArc Custom™

  • DataArc Custom is a tailored engagement designed specifically for the data provider
  • The package delivers the same components as DataArc Plus but includes a dedicated consultant from Experian’s Global Consulting practice
  • Our consultants can assist with data mapping, evaluating root cause analysis, writing policies and procedures, and recommending best practices

DataArc Complete™

  • Receive tradeline data to validate accuracy of the information as displayed on the consumers credit report
  • Experian’s data experts and Global Consulting practice can help to interpret the data, evaluate root cause and recommend best practices.
  • Complete your data quality analysis with a 360° view of reported consumer credit data

Metric Report

The Metric Report™ can help you to identify and correct Metro 2 submissions and failures through a recurring, low-cost report that offers visibility into ‘fatal errors’.

  • Summary and distribution of reported Metro 2® metrics (such as status codes, accounts types, ECOA codes )
  • Automated report that can be delivered after every update (monthly, weekly, daily)
  • Fatal error percentage
  • Enhanced Fatal error definitions
  • Fatal error examples
  • All fatal error account numbers

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